History About A Foot | a stop-motion short

The story so far

At some point some years back, my cousin Christine wrote a short story about a foot for a friend on his request. Yes, he asked for a story about a foot. Or a cigarette. The foot won. And the story was awesome!

My brother Stefanos later took this story with the intention of turning it into an illustrated children’s book and in the process turned the story into a rhymed poem and also gave it an end and an epilogue.

As soon as I read the poem I got pumped into turning it into an animated short. I started drawing and designing the characters and sets and after a year I was ready with a not too shabby little 2D animation film.

But NO! Not too shabby wasn’t good enough for this little poem. It had to be delicious.

So I went with the obvious and very primitive choice of making everything 3D. With my own two hands (psychonauts victory dance)!

You can find all sorts of funny little stories in the captions of the picture gallery below about my progress so far.

Updates will be happening.

Peace out,